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School Visits

"It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...oh, just another author"

What could be more exciting than seeing Arthur the author live and in person? Wait, don't make a list...

Have Arthur Slade visit your class in person!

Yes you can do it! There are two ways:

(1) Presentation in person

Arthur Slade has appeared in hundreds of schools across Canada. He has an awesome audio/video display that is kind of like Star Wars and Hamlet shoved together with AC/DC and Charles Dickens. If you are interested in having Arthur Slade visit your school, just contact his people through this link (don't forget to include your e-mail address).

Saskatchewan Schools

There is nothing Arthur enjoys more than unleashing his dry wit and oddball antics on his fellow Saskatchewanians. Please remember that there are subsidies for school visits available from the Saskatchewan Writers Guild.

Ontario Schools

Arthur Slade lives in the mystical city of Saskatoon but he sometimes does visit Ontario. The best way to book him is through Author's Booking Service. They keep track of his trips out East.

(2) Have Arthur Slade's Floating head visit your classroom!

a nice photo of ArtThe future is here! Beam me up, down and all around, Scotty! Arthur Slade can visit your classroom virtually using Skype, iChat or a ParticleDispensingZapper. This is an easy (and cheaper and greener) way to have an author visit your classroom and discuss writing, reading, movie deals, adverbs, etc. To read more about this phenomena, please visit this posting at Arthur's blog. If you are interested in having Arthur Slade's floating head visit your school virtually, just contact his people through this link.

Watch this amazing video about virtual school visits

Read these amazing quotes:

"Our virtual author visit with Arthur Slade was fantastic! He was entertaining and informative." Bethany Schill, Cosgrove Middle School, Spencerport, NY

"It is very difficult for our rural school to afford the travel expenses associated with author visits, so Arthur Slade's virtual visit offered an excellent alternative. It was brilliant. There were no technical problems and the children were enthralled with his talk. He has inspired some of our reluctant readers and we are all eagerly awaiting his next novel." Danica Mansell, Coleambally, NSW Australia