Excuse me, I've forgotten your name...

2192192956_c9023211ca_mThere is a specific part of the brain that remembers names. I don't recall where it is exactly. Or where I got that information from. But I think it's called the embarrassebellum. Because I can never remember names. This is especially problematic since I live in a world where people use names to identify themselves. And yes, I've tried the tricks. I met one of the fathers at my daughter's school and thought, I'll remember his name because it's the same name as my cousin. But...I have several male cousins. Every time I see him I think: Is it Bill? Mark? Jim? Kirk? Michael? Oh, no. The problem is when I'm introduced to someone a horrible loud fuzzy noise fills my ears so that I hear, "Arthur I'd like you to meet BZZZZZZZZZZ and GZZZZZZZZZ." "Great to meet you. How many z's is that in your name?" Or, even worse, is when the social situation calls upon me to introduce people to each other. For example, let's say I'm at a bookstore talking to someone I've known for years and another person I've known for years walks up. This situation demands that I introduce these two people. I will suddenly feel as if a spotlight has been lasered down on my position and a Bond-villain voice whispers, "You are standing on a trapdoor and  if you mess up this introduction you will fall into a tank of author-eating sharks. HA HA HA."  I wipe the sweat beading on my forehead and turn to these people I've known for years and say, "Umm. What'syourname I'd like you to meet Whathisname. You have a lot in common. You both have names. And I can't remember either of them."

Gah! Bring on the sharks.

Dante's Inferno has a special circle of Hell called the author's signing table. It's a place where people have braved hail, wind, rain or meteorites to attend your book launch then paid good money for your book and are now lined up to get your signature on that book and all those people in the line up have names. I tell you they all have names.

"And who would you like me to sign the book to?" I ask the man I've known since high school.

"To me, please."

"Oh, and how do you spell your name again?"

"Really? It's Bob. Don't forget the second B."

It's time to hire a full time name whisperer. Or maybe, just maybe, there's an app for that.

Anyway, pleased to meet you. I hope to remember your name.


Photo credit: striatic via Visualhunt.com / CC BY

Review: The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow



I love this book and I want to marry it. Okay, that's how my six year old has taught me to express my feelings. But this really is a wonderful novel. Science fiction that is poetic, thought-provoking, gentle and at times perfectly action-packed. Oh, and there are moments of absolute horror. The premise is that an artificial intelligence has taken over the world and to prevent war is has gathered together the children of the world leaders and if a country goes to war then the children from the warring countries are executed. The book is told from the point of view of one of those children. And to top it all off, the book is mostly set in Saskatchewan. Bonus points for that.