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Welcome to the worldwide re-release of Draugr!

Available now as an Ebook! With a brand new extra-totally-frightening cover!
Imagine! Within a minute you could be scared out of your socks!
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Cover of Draugr


"Grandpa was going to murder us. Not with an axe. Not with a shovel. But with words."

When Sarah, Michael and Angie arrive from the US to spend summer vacation with their grandpa in Gimli, Manitoba, they are prepared for his scary stories based on Icelandic mythology. But they are anything but prepared when events from the story about a draugr -- a man who comes back from the dead -- begin to happen around them.

"Draugr is a higher class example of the horror genre that has so grabbed the present generation of young readers. And the bits of Norse mythology that are included are fascinating!"

CM Magazine

Draugr is a Northern Frights book, a series of novels based on Norse mythology. Draugr was nominated for a Saskatchewan Book Award and a Small Press Book Award. All three books have been well received by fans, teachers, and librarians. My grandma liked them, too.

Also in the Northern Frights series:
The Haunting of Drang Island
The Loki Wolf

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