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Part of the Canadian Chills Series

There's something chilling about Canada! This action-packed series will explore those mysterious, creepy (but exciting) places all across the great northland, including Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, Victoria and Summerside.
Intended for
ages 9 and up.

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Cover of Return of the Grudstone Ghosts

Return of the Grudstone Ghosts

It all started with a long, fearful scream.

A chilling tale of ghosts and villains. As soon as Daphne sees her teacher plummet from the belfry at the top of her school, she's plunged into a spine-tingling mystery. Soon she and her friends Nick and Peach are all that stand in the way of a truly horrible criminal.

Published by Coteau Books

Winner of the 2003 Diamond Willow Award

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