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Hunchback Assignments

Island of Doom
The Hunchback Assignments IV


Hunchback Assignments

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Island of Doom
The Hunchback Assignments 4

"We'll not have the full force of the navy," Mr. Socrates said. "We are a small but elite force. And we'll have the element of surprise on our side. If we strike now we can destroy them with one blow. We leave tomorrow night."

The fourth and final book in the multi-award winning series! First there was that horrible mechanical monster set loose in London, then the attack of a giant submarine in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, followed by the search for the God Face in the Australian rain forest. Now, in his greatest adventure, shape-shifting, masked spy Modo has a much more personal quest: to find his parents before the Clockwork Guild does. There is something in their blood--his blood!--that his enemies want to use to create an unstoppable army. When the Clockwork Guild find Modo's parents first, Octavia and Modo chase them across Europe and North America to the Island of Doom. Joined by memorable characters from the first three books--some lovable, and some terrifying and evil--Modo and Octavia dash towards a thrilling conclusion.

"By turns touching and pulse-pounding, this conclusion will leave fans fully satisfied." Kirkus Reviews

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