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Frank Monster


The revolting, disgusting, gross, dangerous, putrid, silly, hilariously warped, oozing, seepingly suave, and somewhat seriously funny interviews.

The Monsterology Video!!

Warning! Interviewing monsters can be dangerous! This video shows why. Be careful, you may laugh.

Click Here. (17MB, 3mins, Quicktime required)

The MonsterAudio Interviews!!

The links below show how Arthur Slade risked life, limb, soul, blood, and hair to get these interviews for you, reader. Listen with caution. Each interview will scare the heebeejeebees out of you! And the snot! Really.

Interview#1: A frank, candid interview with Frankenstein's Monster (5MB)

Interview#2: A wicked, cackly interview with Baba Yaga, the oldest witch ever! She can really dish out the gossip!(6MB)

Interview#3: A biting interview with Count Dracula! The bloodsucker of the year!(4MB)

More to come!

The Monster Bloopers!!

The Witch blooper! (785K)

The Dracula blooper! (1.32MB)

Frankenstein's Monster's Blooper! (1.1MB)