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Fabulous Lives of the Big, the Bad, and the Wicked

The Wicked Witch of the West:
Age: Well, her skin is green, so she must be totally old. Or moldy.
Loves: Cackling, winged monkeys, enslaving people, umbrellas
Hates: Little dogs, girls from Kansas, squirt guns, Harry Potter (she thinks he's too wimpy)
Fashion rating: C- A pointy hat? Dark, baggy clothes? That's so 1600's! C'mon, ever think of spandex?"

Ever wonder which villain is the creepiest? Which is the best liar? Which plays the best lyre? Which is a witch? Do they take cackling classes or does it come natural? You have wondered that stuff? Really? Well, hey! This is the book for you. Scary! Hip! Funny! Jam-packed with a herd of villains! Just watch your back. And your wallet. Well, except when you buy the book!

In Stores Now! Really! Go check!

*** 1/2 out of 4 Stars! "Villainology is the ultimate literary gateway drug!" Really, read the review, they said that! And more! We would have had 4 stars but we forgot to brush our teeth that day.

Canadian Materials

"This primer in all things evil is perfect for the preteen, who prefers his or her humour both dark and silly at the same time!"

Calgary Herald

"I'd conquer several countries and crush a thousand armies to get to this book!"

Attila the Hun

"The humour flies faster than bullets out of a tommy gun!"

Al Capone, AKA Scarface

Villainology Interviews

That's right, interviews with your favourite villains will be popping up right here and on iTunes. Click a link below to listen!

Interview with the Headless Horseman [3min, 2Mb]

Villainology Trailer

Yep, take a look at the very, very scary Villainology Videos! Here's the Villainology Trailer

And yet another trailer! Even funnier and rockier!

And here's the Headless Horseman interview!

The Special Contest Word of the Day is: Killer Bees

Okay, that's really two words, but who is going to argue with killer bees?!