Megiddo's Shadow

"That's the city of Megiddo. Armageddon will begin on the plains below."
"Maybe it just did," Cheevers said.


Fueled by anger at the death of his brother in World War I, sixteen year old Edward enlists and abandons his father and their farm in Canada for England. After proving that he can tame any wild horse, he's sent to Palestine to battle the Turks. A trooper's horse is the key to life and death in a cavalry charge: luckily, Edward has the extraordinary Buke, his true companion. He also has tender letters from Emily, a nurse, and the camaraderie of his tent mates. As he closes in on the enemy, Edward finds that the noble vengeance he seeks is replaced by the horror of battle and the realization that he must fight not only to survive, but also, to kill.


Order the novel here: is a powerful book that needs to be read.

— School Library Journal, Starred Review