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A thrilling tale of an unusual and talented young man.
— Publisher's Weekly

Mission Clockwork

He's the greatest spy of the Victorian era, but he's met his match...


Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire (France)
TD Canadian Children's Literature Book Award (Canada)
Junior Library Guild Selection (United States)

He's the greatest spy of the Victorian era, but he's met his match...

Almost since birth, Modo has been rigorously schooled as a secret agent. His master, a British Lord, took advantage of Modo’s unique shape-shifting talents, training him to morph from his unsightly, hunchbacked-self into anyone he liked. When Modo is teamed up with the beautiful Octavia, his reasons for wanting to shape-shift become, well, more complicated. He never wants her to see his true appearance.

Then urchins start disappearing from London streets, a high-ranking British Lord gets assassinated, and Modo comes face to face with a ruthless woman with a metal hand. It's clear that a deadly, secret organization has the British Empire in its sights. It will take every ounce of skill, guts, and luck for the pair to survive.

Mission Clockwork is a steampunk-powered, action-packed adventure featuring brilliant heroes and bloody brilliant villains. It's the first novel in the award-winning series from bestselling author Arthur Slade.

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This novel is published as The Hunchback Assignments. in Canada


A full-steam-ahead spy thriller, complete with derring-do, a dastardly villain, and a suitably complex plot
— Quill & Quire starred review

There’s danger hidden in the depths...

Transforming his appearance and stealing documents from foreign embassies is all in a day’s work for young Modo, an elite British secret agent. A trickier task is figuring out his relationship with the beautiful Octavia, his fellow spy.

Their latest mission—to discover why ships are mysteriously sinking in the Atlantic—seems impossible. There are rumors of a new and powerful underwater weapon—a submarine with a mad captain at the helm. The French are only a few clues away from finding it, so Modo and Octavia must get there first. But the ocean hides secrets much darker and more deadly than they’d ever imagined.

The Dark Deeps is a gripping read filled with treachery, suspense, and brilliant Victorian inventions. This stand-alone novel is the second book in the award-winning Mission Clockwork series.

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This book is published as The Hunchback Assignments: The Dark Deeps in Canada.

This series has to be one of the best reads available to steampunk fans and adventure seekers alike . . . this is a hard book to put down!

Who dares look upon the God Face?

While Modo has spent a quiet winter recovering from his adventure in the dark deeps, talk is swirling around London of ancient Egyptian ruins in the midst of the Australian rainforest. A temple bulges with riches but also contains danger: the infamous God Face. No one knows what the God Face is or what it is made of, but it is rumoured to be a powerful weapon; anyone who looks upon it will be driven mad.

Modo’s next assignment? Go to Queensland in Australia and discover the truth behind the God Face. He won’t be alone: Octavia and even Mr. Socrates will be accompanying him, as well as Mrs. Finchley, Modo’s beloved caregiver from childhood. But hot on their trail is the Clockwork Guild, with a brand-new weapon: mechanical birds with sharpened metal claws and poisoned beaks.

With an airship battle, an escape from natives and an astounding discovery—one that hinges on Modo’s true appearance—Mission Clockwork continues to enthral readers of all ages!

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A journey into the heart of danger…

In his greatest adventure, shape-shifting, masked spy Modo has a much more personal quest: to find his parents before the Clockwork Guild does. There is something in their blood--his blood!--that his enemies want to use to create an unstoppable army. When the Clockwork Guild find Modo's parents first, Octavia and Modo chase them across Europe and North America to the Island of Doom. Joined by memorable characters from the first three books--some lovable, and some terrifying and evil—the two spies dash towards a thrilling conclusion.



"By turns touching and pulse-pounding, this conclusion will leave fans fully satisfied."
Kirkus Reviews

The Brand New Audiobook! Voiced by Derek Perkins. Hear the characters come to amazing life.

The Brand New Audiobook! Voiced by Derek Perkins. Hear the characters come to amazing life.

The 2nd audiobook (that collects books 3 &4). Join the adventure today.

The 2nd audiobook (that collects books 3 &4). Join the adventure today.