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While you're waiting, here are a few of my other books. Each of these books have won multiple awards and been popular with readers of all ages.


Modo: Mission Clockwork Boxed Set. 

Combined price: £9.22

Special offer price: £5.99

Savings: 35%

Take advantage of this great price on Kindle. Includes all four books in the bestselling series that has sold over 100,000 copies and is optioned for the big screen.



My most popular novel. A rainmaker comes to a drought-stricken town and brings rain, but the children begin to disappear.

"Read the riveting first chapter of Dust and you're already past the point of no return. It's sensational!" 
- Kenneth Oppel, New York Times bestselling author of AIRBORN

Available on Kindle, iBooks & Kobo.

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Megiddo's Shadow

A novel inspired by my grandfather's experiences fighting in Palestine during WW1 (in fact that's him in the photo). Set during the time of Lawrence of Arabia.

"...it is a powerful book that needs to be read."
School Library Journal, Starred Review