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Ahhhhh, the spoken word. I just love the sound of my own voice. Now you can enjoy it, too! Yippee!

What is a podcast? It's a geeky way of saying, "I just put a sound file on my website that you can download and listen to." You don't need an iPod, you just need your computer (though it is kinda fun to have an iPod, eh?).

All podcasts on this page are copyright free, so you can download them, burn them onto cd, play them to your class, your friends, annoy your neighbors with them, or blast them on the beach.

Video Podcasts

Video Podcasts about the creation of several of my books. You'll need Quicktime, iTunes or a Video ipod to watch them. Also available on iTunes under podcasts.

Megiddo's Shadow

[6mb, 2mins].


[6mb, 2mins]

Writing with a Treadmill Desk

[3.9mb, 2mins]

Monsterology Podcasts

a series of grotesquely funny interviews with....monsters. Just click here.

Writing for Young Adults

Want to be a writer? A better writer? Here are my best tips on improving your writing. All in a convenient audio format!
(mp3 player of some sort required to hear podcasts)

Podcast #15 - Voice! Voice! Where's my voice!

6 minutes, 10.16Mb - Rewriting tips! And to get your voice working 100%!

Podcast #14 - Million Dollar Ideas!

8 minutes, 5.16Mb - Where ideas come from! How to write them down! How to get a million dollars for them or no money back! Plus, whatever did happen to Aeschylus?

Podcast #13 - Plans!

4 minutes, 4.16Mb - How to change your plans!

Podcast #12 - The Process of Writing Megiddo's Shadow.

3 minutes, 3.16Mb - Really, it's all about the process.

Podcast #11 - Songs as inspiration!

12 minutes, 6.16Mb - Songs and how they inspire my writing, specifically the writing of Megiddo's Shadow.

Podcast #10 - Christmas Podcast!

14 minutes, 12.5Mb - Songs, tips on how to write like Charles Dickens, and a Christmas story.

Podcast #9 - Dust and Hockey!

7 minutes, 6Mb - Arthur Slade answers questions about his novel DUST and about hockey. A very Canadian episode!

Podcast #8 - The Most Scary Story Ever!

13 minutes, 12Mb - Just in time for Halloween, a story to stop your heart!

Podcast #7 - Just do it!

2 minutes, 1.2Mb - Get to work! Get to it! Right now!

Podcast #6 - How to be hilarious!

7 minutes, 6Mb - Impress your friends by writing the most hilarious prose on the planet, ever!

Podcast #5 - How to write the next Harry Potter

4 minutes, 6Mb - Harry Potter, William Shakespeare and Star Wars! How to make a million dollars as a writer.

Podcast #4 - I love it, aloud!

3 minutes, 5Mb - Reading your work aloud to catch mistakes.

Podcast #3 - Back to the Beginning

7 minutes, 6Mb - Creating great beginnings that will capture the audience.

Podcast #2 - The Rewriting Strikes Back

4 minutes, 4Mb - The dreaded rewrite... deciding what makes the cut and (eep!) what doesn't.

Podcast #1 - The Epic

21 minutes, 24Mb (it's huge!) - Chock full of tips for young writers, a Draugr sample, and one of my favourite songs!

Click to hear or download a podcast.
You can also find the podcasts at:
iTunes, under the podcast section, just search for Arthur Slade.
Or set your iPodder software to: