1000 eBooks and 0 Big Macs sold!

Light a cigar! Open a fizzy drink! Eat some chocolate! Have an organic carrot! My first ebook went on sale February 4th, 2011: Since then I've added 5 more: and we've finally sold 1000 copies (I say we because I know some of you have bought copies and I thank you sincerely--your imaginary royalty cheque is in the mail).

The sales are divided out this way: 66 B&N 20 iBooks 17 Smashwords 8 Kobo 889 Kindle Which of course...and you knew this was coming...makes a lovely chart: Ah, Kindle, how I love thee. Are the rumours true that you dominate the market?

And here are my sales divided by books (the price in brackets is the price most copies were sold at): Dust = 752 (.99) Draugr = 75 (.99) Drang = 42 (2.99) Loki = 39 (2.99) Shades = 36 (.99) Tribes = 56 (.99)

I've only made about $400.00 but I'm not too concerned about the $ at this point. It was more learning to understand how the ebook system works (err, as much as it can be understood, that is).