Attack of the Treadmill Desk III

Well, it's a new year! We've all likely made resolutions. Some of us (okay, me) have already broken a few of those resolutions (but who could stick to a "not eating a Turtle before 9AM" resolution? It's the evil toffee chocolate goodness that gets me).

But I've stuck to my treadmill desk addiction. Since January of 2009 I've been using a treadmill desk as my main means of work and exercise (I blogged about it here and here). I still average four hours a day at 1.6 kph (or 1mph--that's 6.4 kilometres a day or 3.97 miles). The remainder of my writing time I stand at my treadmill desk. I only sit to put my shoes on. In fact my un-treadmill desk is becoming lonely.

Since that first small step on the treadmill desk two years ago I've geekishly kept track of far too many numbers: 1. Walked 108,174 minutes. 2. Traveled 3342.3 kilometres (2076.8 miles). 3. Burned 207,333 calories (equivalent of 2591.7 Turtles). 4. Written 190,000 words.

Benefits: 1) More awake while working and able to work for a longer period of time without fatigue. 2) Able to eat more turtles. 3) Consistent exercise combats depression. 4) Able to eat more turtles. 5) Now able to entertain guests with amazing treadmill desk stories. 6) Generally in better shape.

I've decided to issue a call to action for all you treadheads and treadhead cadets out there. It's right here in this amazing and inspirational video (including some subliminal advertising):


Rise up. Press your start buttons. Live long and prosper...