My Editor Says These Two Words I Use Make Kitties Cry

The short of it:
My editor finds an innovative way to point out my repetitious writing habits.
How it began:
I handed in draft number umpteen (that's an understatement) of my 1920's horror novel, Flickers. A short time later (geologically speaking) I received the edited version all marked up in Microsoft Word. All was well and I even laughed when I came across this:

So I dutifully changed it to this:



Then a few pages later this appeared:

Another uproarious laugh exploded from my lips. Exploded, I tell you! This is the kind of back and forth authors love with their editors. And on the next page I found this:

Aha! Game on, I thought. Game on! So for fun, I changed it to this:


And the next one I changed to this:

But something horrible happened. The kitties kept coming. A calvacade of crying kitties. 

A cry of pain strangled itself in my throat. The horror! The horror!
There was only one logical response:
 **No editors were hurt in this process. 17 kittens in total cried. Only one author was slightly damaged.
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