Arthur Slade has written yet another amazing book for young adult readers ... filled with enough twists and turns to keep readers on the edge of their seats until the chilling climax of the story.
— CM Magazine

A movie scream so chilling and powerful, it will open up another dimension ...
Orphaned twins Isabelle and Beatrice Thorn are living a glamorous 1920s Hollywood life as wards of Mr. Cecil, a mysterious and influential director. Isabelle is a silent film starlet, destined for greatness in the very first "talkie"--a horror flick. Beatrice spends her days hidden away on the Cecil estate with her books and her insect collection, scarves covering her birthmarks and baldness. But Beatrice’s curiosity about the death of her parents and the unsettling fate of a reporter is getting the better of her and she’s starting to realize Mr. Cecil has truly dark designs for this movie. 


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Arthur Slade sets the stage for a page-turner that’s as terrifying and satisfying as the classic horror flicks that inspired it. Flickers is—forgive me—screamingly good.
— Hadley Dyer, Author of Johnny Kellock Died Today
Brilliant! Flickers is a big novel about life, love, and family, but it’s full of Slade-style surprises and spooky glimpses of what’s really behind the big screen.
— Alice Kuipers, author of The Death of Us
I read 52 books over the past 3 months and this was the top fiction read. This is an incredible story so give it a try!
— Steven R. McEvoy, reviewer extraordinaire