Casting the Modo Movie

With the news of a Modo movie in the works I thought it'd be fun if you and I played casting director. But I will readily admit that I'm ancient and don't know any of the young actors these days. So feel free to add your choices to the comments section and I'll throw them in the mix. MODO

First off there's Modo. Here he is from a few of the covers:

Since he's always wearing a mask or shape-changing (his special ability) he could be any actor. He should be around sixteen years old and exude youth, strength and social awkwardness.

Yes, I know, Nathan Fillion isn't sixteen years old. But Modo does change his shape and so could look like him. And, well, any movie with Nathan Fillion is a good one.

Octavia Milkweed

Young. Feisty. Smart. The ultimate secret agent.

Doctor Hyde

The mad doctor who likes to make metal-plated dogs, powerful elixirs, and giant mechanized war machines. This would be an over-the-top fun role.

Mr. Socrates

The mastermind behind the Permanent Association. An aging intellectual and adventurer. British to the core.


Tough. Intelligent. Dedicated. And kind.

I've only seen The Great Gatsby. But after reading their bios...I must watch more.

Miss Hakkandottir

Okay. Officially the funnest role in the show. One metal arm. One mean sociopathic streak. No remorse. No surrender. Oh, and did I mention ruthless?

There! That's what I've come up with. Any suggestions?